"Magic in a bottle!"
Susana - Miami, FL

The new generation lice treatment!
100% effective

  • LOP lotion is a natural non-toxic lice treatment; does not contain pesticides (lindane, pyrethrin, permethrin).
  • Conditions hair, leaving it shiny and manageable, with a mellow scent. No abrasive effects.
  • It is 100% effective at eliminating lice, according to a study published by Dr. Tony Manrique and cols. in January 2000.
  • What is chronic toxicity?

    This refers to the harmful effects produced at long range due to the exposure to pesticides. You should avoid exposing your children to poisons used to kill insects. Some active ingredients used in pesticide-based treatments against lice are:

    Lindane: dangerous substance, toxic for the nerves, carcinogenic. Secondary effects include aplastic anemia and neurotoxicity (seizures). It has effects of rupture in the hormones and in the endocrine system.

    Pyrethrin: it may cause pneumonia, muscular paralysis, vomit, asthma, and death due to respiratory arrest.

    Permethrin: has the same effects and toxic potential of pyrethrin.

    Malathion: high hazard, may cause headaches, weakness, numbness in limbs, dizziness, seizures, and finally death due to respiratory arrest.

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  • Easy to use. It is applied on dry hair and it is not messy so your kids can continue playing while LOP lotion is working.
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