Five stars! smells nice and it's safe - no pesticides.
Amanda - Houston, TX

The new generation lice treatment

• LOP lotion is a pesticide-free non-toxic lice treatment.
• Eliminates lice effectively and it is safe, unlinke traditional chemical treatments, which may cause intoxication.
• The formula contains a mineral oil mixture that has been proven effective at eliminitating and removing lice and nits.
• It has a nice mellow scent and conditions hair leaving it shiny and manageable.
• Pesticide based treatments are a hazard to our children´s health. New studies show, in a disturbing way, that exposure to the most common pesticides harms the human immune system, weakening the body's resistance to infectious disease and certain types of cancer. Children are particularly susceptible to the effects of pesticides in their immune systems. Also, lice have developed resistance to common treatments, and they are not being effective in eliminating them.

The new generation lice treatment!
100% effective

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